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Accommodations for Ms. Patti Austin - Mr. Robert E. Williams, Jr. '78

FJSA 2017 Heritage Award Concert Comments

Kimberly Fleming

Last night Ms.Patti Austin announced to the audience that they were going to hear Kimberly Fleming screaming. Because she was going to beat me up for singing her song better than her.  I was blown away. What an incredible compliment. She not only said in front of the audience BUT in the reception she told me she wanted to work with me. When I tell you God is so good. I just can't find the words to express how much I appreciate every opportunity God gives me.  Thank you Ms. Patt Austin. And thank you God.  

Everett Drake

Last night at FISK UNIVERSITY was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! AMAZING TRIBUTES to three phenomenal Artists!!! Every performance was EXCELLENT!!! SO PROUD of all my friends who participated in this GREAT EVENING OF MUSIC, from Gospel to Jazz! Shout Out to the Music Director of the show @derricklee1958 DERRICK LEE and that blazing Band (JEFF PEGUES, KEVIN CLAYBORN, KENNY JACKSON, and JEREMY NIXON) along with the Host, @bjones1938 AMBASSADOR DR. BOBBY JONES, and Vocal Coordinator, @puddincookies KIMBERLY FLEMING!!! JOVAN BENDER, KIM MONT, and HARMONIE REDDICK were SUPERB BGV!!! SOOOO GOOD TO HEAR DEBORAH ROUNDTREE, CAROL STRONG, KIM FLEMING, DEBRA TILLERY, HAILEY REED, IRA RANKINS, and other WONDERFUL SINGERS, including the FISK JUBILEE SINGERS!!! What a way to end JUBILEE DAY at FISK UNIVERSITY!!! SPECIAL THANKS to PATTI AUSTIN for being so gracious to EVERYONE!!!

George "Geo" Cooper, FJSA President

  Whew! Made it through the FJSA Heritage Award Concert. It was indescribably delicious. Thanks to All the performers, audience, donors and supporters, technicians...just everybody. Special mention to Dr. Bobby Jones who was a tremendous Host. Derrick Lee, The music was the absolute best you put together a dynamite crew of musicians and vocalists. Kim Fleming, I love ya so!!! Better singing there has never been. Donna McElroy, only you could be there while not being there! Your intro to Sarah Vaughan....Oh MY!!!!! Barbara Roche excepting for Mahalia Jackson!!! You're in the Fisk Family now. Godspeed on the Mahalia Jackson Movie! My Brother Van Bradshaw!!!! For the 2nd year I didn't acknowledge you at concert end and that's a damned shame! I'm truly sorry about that. But that's typical of what happens when the sound is magnificent. I've believed in your ability to get the sound right ever since our Autunmn days and boy, it was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT last night! David from Fisk I.T. You stayed with us the entire night and made sure it all happened just right! Thank you cause you were there WAY AFTER 9-5! Jay Sweet! Can't wait to see the Video sir! I know it will be wonderful. You were everywhere getting great shots! FJS Officers, members and Advisory Board! You made this magic happen with NO BUDGET!!! NONE! Only dedication and very very hard work made the night a reality! Lastly, the performers. Derrick Lee said early on, "They got to be on point, cause I don't do no mess"! Oh, My, GOD! Each and every performance was scintillating and breathtaking! Debra Tillery, Prof. Gwendolyn Brown, and 1980 Class Agent Carole Strong-Thompson took us to church from the start with the Mahalia Jackson Tribute! Ziggy shocked the world singing Jazz and she was magnificent. She gave a clinic baby on presence, musicianship, and coal excellence! Bravo! My Ace-Boon Rev. Dr. Sherman Tribble and I worked that medley of Period and Send in the Clowns that you (Donna Mc) suggested, but our young's the beautiful Mrs. Audrey Tillis-Audrey L. Mines took us on a breathtaking flight with her rendition of "Misty"! And then, the Patti Austin Tribute!!! Let's just say, it started with a BANG!!!! Kim Fleming sang "How Do You Keep The Music Playing". She hit a GRAND SLAM!!! The another of the young guard, my boy Jordan Holland rocked the HOUSe with Stevie Wonder's "Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me"!!! The Whole Audience was Dancing. How could you follow that? Well, Hayley Deonna Reed and Ira Rankin closed out the night with "Baby Come To Me"! Hayley, I've NEVER heard you sound or perform better! It's a tough job to do it with the Lady herself sitting right there! But in true JS fashion, you both did that!! The absolute topper however was the lady herself, Patti Austin! We had Patti austin y'all at Fisk in the Chapel with all that history and we celebrated Fisk and the Jubilee Singer legacy, and her tremendous 6 decade career in a manner that only the Kennedy Center can come close to matching! She was SOOOOO GRACIOUS and HUMBLE! She truly looks better now than ever before and her words to us upon receiving the Heritage Award were inspiring and full of promise. She promised to be a "Special Faculty member" of sorts, coming in to do Master Classes with our students...it was unbelievable! Then, the present Day Jubilee Singers surrounded the recipients on stage and sang that old negro Spiritual "Steal Away" as Dr. Paul Kwami, director of today's Jubilee Singers declared Mahalia Jackson, Sarah Vaughan and Patti Austin "Honorary Jubilee Singers". Only Fisk can do that....not the Kennedy Center, not the Grammys, not the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame! FISK!  Fisk Forever!!!!  

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